Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Wisdom in Flying...

In America, the month of September usually brings a bit cooler temperatures with the approach of autumn and children return to school after a long summer break. Many hearts begin to reflect and remember with the onset of the 11th day of September.  As a nation we each remember that day back in 2001 in a different way – each person knows where they were and what they were doing when the tragedy occurred.

Today I spoke with a dear friend who is an airplane pilot. We talked of many changes in the airline industry. Of course not all these changes are the result of September 11th ; the economy has played its role.  The fact remains that when we enter an airport, the scene has changed.

One thing I have decided to always pack when travelling is my patience.  Some very simple things help me be more patient when I need to fly:
  • I arrive earlier than needed to the airport.
  • I put a on a smile with EVERYONE I speak to.
  • I chose not to react when the other people in line small, loud children or too many bags.
  • I pick the shortest line in security, place my belongings on the conveyor belt and when the guy in front of me still beeps after walking through the sensor machine 6 times….I count to 10 and think about the beach.
  • I try my best to be the MOST outgoing and pleasant person that airport employee has encountered all week.

Now It’s YOUR turn…

We want to hear your Wisdom. What do YOU pack when flying to a new destination to help your travel experience be amazing??

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