Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Wisdom in Living Life Out Loud...

Yesterday the question was asked, “Do you fear success or failure”?  In her blog, my amazing friend Carol Roth responded with, “Maybe you should fear mediocrity”. Just saying the word ‘mediocrity’ makes me cringe – always has and probably always will. There seems to be something about the way I was created that refuses to accept average.

Back in March of 2010, I began to walk down a whole new path when a business colleague and I gave birth to an idea called The Wisdom Project.  After spending a week in the amazing city of Sydney, Australia, I began collecting stories of Wisdom from women all around the globe for my first book.  With each new day, each new friend I made and each new story I received, a passion began to reveal itself inside me. Today I share this deep passion that is festering inside; it is the heartfelt desire to encourage and inspire people to “Take a step forward in life instead of a step backward…or worse yet…remain idle”.

Idleness – accepting average – living in mediocrity…not for me.  It pains me to type those words.  Life is too short to live in mediocrity.  Don't you think life is meant to be lived out loud, to the fullest?

I believe each person was born with a unique DNA. I believe it is time that each of us begin to embrace our own special DNA live life to the full. Of course that may look a little different to each person; Some will live life out loud with their hair on fire whilst skiing down a mountain at top speed.  Others will host a quaint dinner party with glitz and glam and make the headlines of a spectacular lifestyle magazine. Still others will find their true DNA by giving endless smiles and words of gratitude to every person in the airport to make people wonder if they really ARE up to something!

How about YOU?  How will you use your awesomely gorgeous DNA to live your life out loud and show other that life is too short to live in mediocrity???  Please share your thoughts - We can’t wait to hear YOUR ‘life out loud’ moments!

PS- Thanks Carol Roth for your inspiration and example of living life out loud!
PPS- Thanks Liz Strauss for the amazing Successful Online Blogger award! I value the amazing SOBCon family for how they challenge each other to be more and do more.  It’s an honor!

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