Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Wisdom of Love...

One of the strongest experiences you can have driving in your car, is the day you bring your new born child home from the hospital after giving birth.  The weight of the new responsibility sits firmly on your shoulders.  At each intersection of the drive, you offer one extra glance to the right and to the left before proceeding, giving care to accelerate as smoothly as possible.  The sky looks bluer than you’ve ever seen, the sun feels warmer than you’ve ever felt, the air smells fresher than you can remember and your heart is overflowing with joyful sensations.

It’s undeniable - THIS is LOVE.

The days, weeks and months pass while raising this child, offering a rainbow of emotions from anxiety to zeal.  Your patience is tested and you are asked to make decisions not for yourself but what is best for another.  Many times you awake in the middle of the night, shuffle to this child’s room and find peace within when you see them fast asleep.  The tears well up as you feel their innocence.

It’s undeniable – THIS is LOVE.

As the months fade into years you often find yourself looking back on the beautiful memories of this child that made you laugh and even the ones that made you cry.  The time passes quickly – each day seemingly faster than the one before.  You have poured your heart and soul and breath of life into this child only to wake up one day and realize it was YOU who was given life.

It’s undeniable – THIS is LOVE.

We are called not only to love the children but each and every individual around us.  It matters not if this assignment is easy or difficult – the stem hampered with thorns, still produces a captivating rose.  Isn’t it time we take our eyes off ourselves and truly “see” another? 

It’s undeniable – THIS is LOVE.


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  1. Love, it is a multi faucted word. We love the breeze. We love the sunshine. We love the color. We love the sunset. Why do we have such trouble loving others. After we are hurt it is especially hard. It is a lesson of let go and let GOD. It is a good thing that God is ever so patient with us. That He has grace beyond anything we could imagine. I pray to more like Him...showing love and grace to those who've hurt me. I try. I fail. I must crawl up into His lap and cuddle Him and ask for strength to not be chained in the unforgiveness. We are to be free to love others. Why do so many of us struggle with it? One of the mysteries of life. I am so grateful God doesn't give up on us like we tend to give up on ourselves. Lord bless our hearts. Change our hearts. Make the soft again especially to those who've hurt us. Give us strength. Give us perseverence to keep trying even after failing. Forgive us for hurting others. Help us to move forward and to not stay in the icky place. Create in us a new heart Lord. Breathe a new life into us. Stoke that fire of our first love again. Take the coal and cleanse our lips. Where there is bitter Lord, please make it sweet again! I ask this all in Jesus' holy and mighty name!!! AMEN!!!!