Monday, April 5, 2010

What Are YOU Looking At?

Some may interpret an amount of bitterness in that question. However, there IS another way to read that question. My intention was merely to find out what you are looking at - what are you focused on? Where is your energy and thoughts pointed today?

Many years ago, a well respected mentor taught me a lesson on focus that has left a profound impact on my life. After all these years, her words ring in my head again today. She said:

What you focus on will expand.

Simple statement, wouldn’t you agree? When thinking of real life examples of focal points, the message can paint a vibrant mental picture. Think on this:

   • If you focus on food – your waistline can expand.
   • If you focus on exercise – your health can improve.
   • If you focus on your homework – your grades can get better.
   • If you focus on skipping school – your detention can increase.
   • If you focus on ways to bring your family together – your relationships can be enriched.
   • If you focus on your communication skills – you can become more confident

My challenge to you today is to find what you want to expand in your life. Are you focused on the right area? If we continue to focus on the caterpillar, we could easily be blinded by the overwhelming vision of death, loss and ending. But if we are focused on looking for the beautiful new fluttering butterfly on its way, we fill our mind with life, victory and a new sense of beginning. What are YOU looking at?

What you focus on will expand.


  1. Wow! Very thought provoking. I have chosen to stand up for myself and focus on the things i want to become. I want to be closer to God. So I did a Beth Moore Bible study. It was wonderful! Breaking Free was the name of it. It taught me a lot. I have learned that your focus is important. My focus is trying to stay so close to God I can handle anything that comes my way with His help gracefully. My focus is having a good relationship with my kids so they can be open with us about things. My focus is trying to keep my relationship with my husband fresh and new and thriving. My focus is to keep myself strong in the Lord. To be a good example. To keep learning. To keep renewing the wallpaper of my mind and not listen to the lies of the enemy. My focus is to see God in everything and everywhere. Some days are better then others.....but thanks to the Lord, I am a work in progress.

  2. Thank you Anonymous for your fantastic comments! You certainly have worthy focal points - a great example for all of us to learn from and get our minds working. It is evident that you picked up the heartbeat of this blog - that we all are a work in progress. But when you take the time to share, we all can grow together.
    I invite you to join the growing community at if you have not done so already. You are a terrific writer and would be a great contributor to the book because many would be encouraged by your words. As I say...When one woman shares her wisdom - another woman is strengthened.
    All the Best,
    The Wisdom Project