Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Relationships First Business Second...

Two or three days a week my morning begins with a workout after the car pool duties have been completed. Many days, as most moms’ can relate to, there are a series of errands that need to be completed, such as bank deposit, stamps from the post office, groceries, etc. Today was nothing unusual. A package with a prepaid label had to be delivered to The UPS Store (I refer to them as ‘Brown’). Behind the counter, the energetic young man with great eyeglass frames and adorable balding head asked how he could help me. I smiled politely and greeted him with a hearty hello. The box that held my fragile item was a bit unassuming and needed some attention. We had used all the packaging tape we owned and came up a bit short in completing the task.

Here is the part of the story I really want you to catch….

Rather than approaching the ‘Brown’ employee swiftly with a rapid-fire list of tasks that he should do for me, I chose a different path. I engaged him in conversation.

I began with a line, something like, “Looks like you must be in charge here.” His eyes lit up and we were immediately off to a good start. A few more sentences were exchanged and then he offered to help me with my humble little mailing. That point was the first I mentioned needing to mail this package AND that additional tape was needed to secure the package. (I was fully prepared to purchase a roll of packing tape and finish off the job on my own)

Here’s what happened next…

The ‘Brown’ employee said, “Since you are so genuine and pleasant I would love to finish taping that box for you and get it on its way.”

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard the word genuine much lately - made me feel good because I was merely just being “me”. I had no ulterior motive – I believe that it is a whole lot easier to be happy and pleasant than sad and disgruntled. In reply I blurted out…”Relationships First Business Second.” It seems more important than ever in today’s high-tech world, that we remember the relationship. The ‘Brown’ employee and I continued our conversation and I was introduced to the other ‘Brown’ employee as well. We laughed and joked around for at least another 5 minutes.

My wisdom for you today…

Whatever we are doing in life…building a business, raising a family, working our job, mailing a package…it is important to remember:

Relationships First Business Second

It seems that most solid businesses are successful because they made relationships a priority over everything else. Now it’s your turn. Go out and give away a smile, offer a hearty hello, and notice the person on the other side of the counter. That is a true win-win in life.

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