Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cool WIP Guarantee...

With a degree in Accounting and after spending several years in the financial world, the acronym WIP came up frequently.

In the business world WIP is a Work in Progress; work that has not been completed but has already incurred a capital investment. Investopedia.com explains that WIP is usually recorded as an asset (a resource with economic value with the expectation that it will provide future benefit) on the balance sheet. (Stick with me here - I guarantee this post will get more cool.) They state that WIP indicates any good that is not considered to be a final product, but must still be accounted for because funds have been invested toward its production. Now...let’s break that down and find the key points:

Work in Progress
Work not yet completed
Already incurred an investment
An asset
A resource with value expecting to provide future benefit
Any good not yet finished
Accounted for because an investment has been made

A work in progress
A work not yet completed
Already incurred an investment in life
An asset
A resource with value that can provide future benefit
A good work not yet finished
Want to be accountable because of prior investments made

Can't help but notice the similarities, huh?!

Whether you feel your life is like a flower bud ready to burst or you are a flower bulb lying in the ground, I guarantee you are a work in progress! You ARE a good work not yet finished! And here's the cool part...The world is waiting to experience the beauty and splendor of who YOU are becoming.

Today you can pass along the Cool WIP Guarantee to your girlfriends and show them who you are becoming.

Why not do what you do with a passion, because it’s your only life. ~Anonymous

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