Friday, December 31, 2010

Spilling the beans: A look inside The Wisdom Project 2010

Once upon a time, in a land called the United States, there was a woman who sat comfortably in her comfortable home in her comfortable chair, holding her comfortable coffee cup in hand, looking out to the familiar scene in her backyard reflecting on her comfortable life, content with the beautiful blessings all around her in the life she had created.  With a smile flowing from ear to ear, a little voice exploded into her head at the same level as a roaring freight train running at full throttle… “What are you doing with the gifts and strengths you have been given? Are you living your potential?  Is this really what life is all about….for YOU?

This final week of the calendar year 2010 was a perfect time to look back to where life was prior to The Wisdom Project and just how much this international venture has impacted my “comfortable” life.

The Wisdom Project was birthed March 2010 in Sydney, Australia. In 10 months….
  • I have been connecting, learning, growing, giving, reading, writing, speaking, inspiring and encouraging…
  • All the while still being a mom, chef, taxi driver, calendar manager, housekeeper, friend and daughter.
  • Each day I Tweet, Facebook, blog, text, Skype, email, and/or talk on the phone…
  • I laugh, cry, get interrupted unexpectedly, and show both frustration and joy…
  • And I receive the most amazing messages of love and support from The Wisdom Tribe.
  • Life still happens and it sometimes requires “inked events” on the calendar to get postponed.
  • My vision gets bigger each day.
  • Although I should be thrilled that the team is working diligently to edit these phenomenal stories for the first book, my DNA continues to rev its engine, trying to remember that quality takes time.
  • The people I have connected with are some of the most amazing people in the world…truly.
  • The stories from the contributors have touched my heart like nothing else…
  • And in 2011, I will put these pieces of artwork into a book and share them with the world.
  • The power in the potential of this project gives me chills (at times) when thinking of its enormity.
  • I've learned that getting outside once a day is absolutely necessary, even with deadlines…and
  • When people say social media is killing relationships, I laugh, and stand tall knowing the rich relationships I have made through it are for forever.
  • 2010 has revealed that a whirlpool bath, a glass of wine and an iPod are fantastic rewards for powering through some days.
  • Not every day is easy and fulfilling…but this journey is worth the fight.
  • I will continue to smile, grow, connect, give and pour all my heart and soul into The Wisdom Project because I believe that together we can ignite inspiration around the globe to encourage people to take a step forward in life.


How has your life been improved in 2010? What does 2011 hold for you??


  1. I'm completely amazed at what God has brought us through. There are so many things, so many times, that could have thrown us into a dark place, God just kept calling our name and got us back on track again with smiles and joy! The year ahead holds wonders and joy. I expect a lot. God is very good!! God bless you all. I can't wait to get hands on this book!!! Love and hugs always, Kim Bidwell

  2. Your gratitude is gorgeous Kim. With such a beautiful heart, you will have a very blessed year! Thank you for sharing! :)