Thursday, May 12, 2011

Your ABC's to Life...

Always be true to yourself
Believe that anything and everything is possible
Consider healing people instead of hurting people
Don't subject yourself to nothing but the best
Enjoy every moment god has given to you
Find out what your truly passionate about and go for it
Great things come to wait
Happiness is not just for the rich and successful people
Indulge yourself one in a while... your worth it!
Justify nothing. We all make mistakes
Keep moving, standing still gets you nowhere.
Live life to your fullest potential... we all believe you can!
Make every moment count.
Never give up...Your answer is just around the corner.
Open your heart to live, love and laugh.
Patience is the key to becoming successful in all aspects of life.
Quitting isn't always a bad thing. Giving up is!
Remember to love yourself first.
Start now. Tomorrow is a long time away.
Take time to smell the lilies.
Understand that life is a game to be won and so we shall.
Victory is close at hand
Wish for peace in the world, not more war.
Xcellent is in your frame of mind.
You are the only one who can make it happen! Have faith.
Zero is the number of times you will feel sorry or bad about yourself.

You are god's creation and with that his love and light is within you.  Although it may be hard to find sometimes, it will be shown to you when you need it most. All you need is a little faith!

~Crystal Arsenault~  

These precious words of Wisdom come from The Wisdom Project Tribe member Crystal Arsenault.  We hope you will take but a very few moments out of your day to embrace this beautiful poem and be inspired. Thank you Crystal for sharing a bit of amazing wisdom in your heart!


  1. Crystal, I saw this posted earlier today and thought it was absolutely beautiful... typical of you. From the heart, simple-yet-profound, honest wisdom. I am so honoured to know you and call you my friend. You shine a light along the path so that others may walk safely. Be blessed, beautiful soul and keep the wisdom coming. I love it. xoxoxox

  2. thank you for sharing your stories and insight with us! :-)

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