Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nothing Happens by Accident...

The number of positive, inspirational and motivating books in my house is greater than 500.  (I know because my 12 year old counted them when there was “nothing to do” on holiday break from school.)  Interestingly enough, none of those fabulous masterpieces can be of use to me if I don’t grab the book with my hands, open the book and physically read the words.  The wisdom does not mysteriously float into my brain on its own.  I must take action steps to obtain the teaching.

Nothing Happens by Accident

I love the teachings of Kim Lavine – go-getter, one-of-a-kind, living across “the pond” from me (i.e. = Lake Michigan) Mommy Millionair.  Ms. Lavine shared in a recent blog that the Yiddish word “mac-krae” means:

Nothing Happens by Accident

My very first thought to that statement was ‘How true’.  I’m going to be rather bold here and make a statement that is wrapped in love but comes straight from my heart:  All the desire and passion in our heart to accomplish our goals cannot and will not ever come to fruition while sitting on the sofa.  Having good intentions, a grateful heart and heaps of positive thoughts and words are very useful – quite honestly, they are considered, by most including myself, to be the first step on the staircase to success.  Yet, until we get up off the sofa and start walking, all those good intentions are only, well….good intentions.  The action is missing.  We may be able to see the top of our Success Staircase and believe with all our heart and soul it is obtainable.  YES! That is the right attitude. But how are you going to get there when you are standing on the first step?

Nothing Happens by Accident

What are your goals? What is at the top of your staircase? What would your world look like if you started climbing, step by step, toward your dreams?  …And think on this: How many other people might be inspired to do the same when they see YOU stepping up?

Now it’s YOUR turn…
We want to know…What is YOUR next step on your staircase to your goals and dreams?

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